Nutritional Microscopy, also known as live cell analysis, helps to give important insight of your internal environment. By examining both the live and dry blood cells and plasma under a microscope, health care professionals are able to paint a picture of one’s internal environment and how different acids may affect the body.

From the blood, healthcare professionals can determine the best course of actions for patients to improve their overall health. Live blood analysis further helps to understand and identify other conditions that may be overlooked or yet to be determined.

This evaluation allows for a very personal understanding of your body on an individual level. The most important part of this evaluation is to discover the root of illness and find a way to bring the body back into harmony and balance.

Each profile below is showing a picture of red blood cells that tell a story of your health.  What you eat, what you do and what impacts it can be visualized and we can watch the changes and document the progress as you take control of your health.