In the natural, we don’t always understand what we cannot see, but the perfect example how this can work to our benefit is the theory of Biophotons.  Basically, biophotons are emissions that can be categorized as the tiniest physical units of light. All living organisms including plants, animals and humans emit biophotons, which aid in assessing the overall state of the organism as the light emission can be measured. Biophotons need to be measured by equipment, as the eye cannot see them alone.

The interesting part about biophotons is that we can utilize biophotons to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy cells simply by their emission. How is this possible? Healthy cells emit coherent light, while unhealthy cells emit light that is incoherent.  Science tells us that light, which is incoherent, causes cell activity that is disordered and causes illness. As cells in our body continuously absorb and emit photons, science proves that biophotons control biochemical reactions in each cell. With every cell having over 100,000 biochemical reactions per second, biophotons clearly act as the bodies’ information system.

With a treatment known as Biophoton Light Therapy, there is the ability to measure the cells that makeup our body’s communication highway. Using an instrument called the CHIREN™ and measuring certain points on the hands and feet, an assessment can be made as to where the body lacks coherent light. As incoherent light is found, it is replaced with positive, coherent light, this helping the body to heal itself.

The theory of biophoton emission is so dynamic because it helps to back the idea that different methods to heal, often seen as “unconventional”, are now supported by science.

Simply, biophotons allow us to better understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy cells.  Why is this important? When this principle is understood, light treatment can help the body to improve itself by repairing cellular damage. Bipohoton Light Therapy helps to improve overall wellness and the results can include increased energy; better sleep habits, enhanced circulation and the need for less medication.