We Die When Our Lights Go Out!

Your body emits light on a daily basis in concentrations that rise and fall with your day and night activity (circadian rhythm) and the fluctuations of your metabolism according to the foods you ingest over the course of the day. This light is 1000 times less intense than what is seen with the naked eye. Some people can see this emitted light, referred to as the auric field and many can distinguish colors and interpret them accordingly.

As illustrated, the energy field produced with an auric camera we can observe the results. As we age, these fields become less illuminated and the pathways are blocked in their connectivity through the body. When we measure the light fields and identify a blockage, the ability to open these blockages, your body will react with its innate ability to heal.

Working with light therapy healing I have seen these results with my current clients: the need for less medication, feeling less stiffness upon awakening, more energy on a daily basis, and better sleep. Recently I had the privilege of working with a 90 year old male and after a few sessions, we noticed his circulation got better since his feet were less swollen and the discoloring of the skin improved in appearance. His doctor said whatever you are doing, just keep doing it!